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Dylan Penn Dating Vampire Diaries Star Steven R. McQueen (TGSF)

Moving from vampire to vampire hunter. Dylan Penn,the daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright is now dating Vampire Diaries star Steven R. McQueen, after just spotted to canoodle with Twilight star Robert Pattinson a months earlier. Penn 22, and McQueen 25, attended Sean Penn's charity gala together on Jan. 11, even posing for a few photographs. An eyewitness saw the couple leaving the Golden Globes weekend event when Penn complained that her feet hurt. 

"Oh really?" McQueen asked before scooping his lady love up
and carrying her. Penn's boyfriend gave her a quick kiss on the lips before carrying her out of the party. 
Though the couple has kept it secret,which makes it unofficial yet. A source close to them said this relationship has been going on for a while now.

Saying: "They met a while back, they started dating pretty quickly, lots of attraction there,Dylan is a fun chick, whatever she had with Pattinson was very brief if at all. Steven had met Sean before the event of last night. Sean loves his daughter and whatever makes her happy is fine with him."

And love has been in the air for both of Dylan's parents. At the same gala, her father, 53, was spotted with his rumored girlfriend Charlize Theron 38. An eyewitness saw the duo snuggling and holding hands throughout the night. 

And Dylan's mother, House of Cards star Robin Wright, 47, recently got engaged to actor Ben Foster 33, in Aspen. 

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