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Nigeria Genevieve Describe's Nollywood as Blande and Mediocre "Director of Nollywood Replies"

 Genevieve Nnaji, in an interview with Punch over the weekend, said;

“I guess I haven’t found the right script yet. Creativity and depth are the qualities that I look out for in a script. In the beginning, the movie industry emphasised quantity but things are changing and there is an improvement in trend. I am among the people who advocate for the improvement of the industry. So said, I am constantly watching out for the kind of stories I take part in. I am in support of movies that show a great deal of professionalism and creativity. Having practiced my art in international & professionally produced stories like ‘Ije’; ‘Mirror boy;’ and ‘Tango with me’, I don’t think I can return to the blandness and mediocrity that characterized Nollywood in the past.” Explaining the reason she's been scarce in Nollywood movies for a while now.
The director of Nollywood movie  industry wasn't happy about Genevieve's description of the industry. In a statement released , Mac Collins Chidebe pictured below said Genevieve should come and improve Nollywood instead of blasting the industry that brought her fame and fortune. See what he wrote below...
"Genevieve has just insulted the industry that made her who she is today, what effort has she made to help improve Nollywood? Those days in Enugu when Genevieve was growing in Nollywood, our movies were not rubbish; she has grown now, made money, fame, popularity e.t.c, how much has she invested in this Industry that made her? All the while she was busy waiting for Titanic scripts, Nollywood was trying their best to keep the flag flying waiting for her to come back and take the industry to the next level. Artistes should stop biting the fingers that fed them. We are watching and waiting for them to bring down heaven. We made them stars; we are waiting for them to come back and take the industry to the next level. Instead of blasting Nollywood, come and improve Nollywood.” Chidebe said.

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