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Nigeria: A Man Finally Commits Suicide in Ekiti State After Two Failed Attempts!!!

A man said to be in his 30s named Mundiu (pictured above) finally succeeded in killing himself on September 19th 2014.
According to Sun News, Mundiu killed himself in the hall way of his compound in Ayede-Ekiti community in Oye local government of Ekiti state around in the early hours of the morning.
According to one of his neighbors:
"He used to complain about the fact that he was very poor and living a wretched life, that he wasn’t making money to take care of himself. Two months ago, he had a motorcycle accident that almost claimed his life. He was moved out of the community for treatment. Two weeks ago, we learnt that he was dead but just three days ago, we sighted him in the community (Thursday). People heard him saying that by (Friday) the people of Ayede community would witness an amazing drama. No one really read any meaning to what he was saying. We didn’t know that he was referring to the suicidal action”, a resident of the area said. Another neighbour of the deceased said the first time he tried killing himself, it was his father who was alive then that saved him. He also tried killing himself the second time by jumping into the river in Lokoja. “It was past 12 midnight in the morning, when a deaf neighbour of the deceased, who we call Taiwo, raised the alarm that he saw something strange and alerted others to come and see it. We were asking him what it was that happened but because he could not hear us, he didn’t answer us. All we did was to just follow him to where he was directing our attention to. Eventually, he took us to where the deceased had hanged himself. He was already dead by that time. So, we just left him. i.e the way you've seen him above. 
For someone out-there, whose thinking of same, i think you would have drawn some lessons from these. The sun dint change from its direction of rising nor the point it sets before night falls. The rivers and water bodies across the globe likewise dint pause, not even for a blink of an eye. So what sense does it make.
There are many ways to solve a problem, but never this or result to hurting others. Life it self will never be easy even for the wealthy, all one need is to dig deep and hold strong, for every thing will surely be in time and fall to it place if you truly believe you can!!!. Some would say its not good to judge the dead according to believes, yes i might share it with them, but a spade must be called a spade and a shovel a shovel. With this i can say it surely did not end well for him in this life, i don't know of the after-life, Only God knows, & i believe HE condemned that in HIS books across believes for guidance.
For you who still thinks otherwise of these, i think you should have a look at this link, follow it below...:

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