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     The business dictionary defines packaging as a process of cleaning, drying, preserving materials such as glasses, melta, paper plastic employed to contain, handle, protect and transport something.
        The objective of this paper is to examine the role of packaging in the context of advertising, this is predicated on the hypothesis that, packaging influences both producers expectation and consumers behaviour, also, packaging and advertising are two key concept that are interrelated in commercial activities to the extent that one can not do without the other.
        Packaging as a market strategy has become more and more important and inevitable due to the fact that it help the markets to sell his or her product and ensure general acceptability of such product by the general public. Most times packaging is like a ‘decorative label’ which enables customers to access the product empirically even when such product is not a good one as such.
        This means that packaging attracts customer to buy goods and might not buy if the packaging is not attractive to the eyes.
        Understanding the relevance of packaging, marketers and advertisers key into this strategy to sell product and invariably increase patronage and returns, thus, advertising firms spends more money to make sure that their product have an attractive and beautiful design, the point above mirrors the fact that packaging is an indispensable activity in any advertising process.
        The scope and context of this paper focuses on packaging which constitute our explanation variable, we shall dwell more on packaging and less on advertising, though other writers developed different perspective to examine same subject. To actualize this goal, this paper is divide into four sections section one dwells on conceptual issues, section two examines the relevance of packaging in advertising, section three exposes some samples of packaging and advertising, section four finally concludes.

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