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GEJ & others at Nigerian sportsmen Solidarity Rally for the President

GEJ is now fully ready to give Nigerians another land-sliding and breath taking Super-Story yet again. Nigerians love Super-Stories, even if its what shouldn't be related to terms of reality , i wonder how this one is really going to be this time around. The last camping election was, 
"i dint have shoes in my primary school age, if i could make it, you too can!!!". 
Wow!!! his really the man that understands the plight of ordinary Nigerians. what a leader indeed. Hahaha, i can't believe majority around me fell for that..., and i really enjoyed laughing at their disappointment!!!.

Anyway, the news is, that Mr President and VP Sambo, Senate President David Mark, Minister for FCT and others walking towards Eagle Square, this morning Saturday March 7th for the Nigerian Sportsmen and Women Solidarity Rally for President Jonathan. See more photos below....

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