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The Said: Gang-Raped Saudi Female Victim Flogged Publicly

Source: Breitbart

A woman reported by the above source was reported to have been gang raped in Saudi Arabia, and instead of looking for the culprits, she was molested and flogged publicly instead. Though authentication of the story haven't been confirmed yet, but the story is going viral on the media planet. 

According to the source: it reported that the court injunction for her punishment was because the Saudi woman who was gang raped went out without a male companion. 

Saudi law i'm very aware of runs under the Shari'a and im also aware of a kind of law that says something about a lady or something of such must go out with a female companion.
But don't know of the punishment if violated. 

But for a victim flogged 90/100 stroke of lashes for being ganged raped, its definitely way off-line, that's not shari'a law that i know of because i'm a muslim. you only get such punishment when you are caught and evidence to prove you fornicated.

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