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What People are Saying About Kiss Daniel's Woju Remix

Do you Agree!!! ?    Do you Agree!!!?       Do you Agree!!!?
i was surfing around when i came across this article from this lad on TooXclusive Saying:

"Kiss Daniel should know by now that he is all the star he needs to shine.
You do not come out with a single on your first
trial attempt at breaking into the industry, hit it
enormously big and then wait on Tiwa Savage
and Davido to be the brink of your rise. No!
After all the hype that was Woju Remix, I must
say that the expectation bar dropped below the
point of limbo. Does Daniel know he had the
most decent delivery of all the vocal features on
his smash single? And there was even nothing
new to his verses, everything was typical as the
original version.

Tiwa was almost very convincing with her rhymes
on her ‘getting money like Rihanna, seeing the
future sierra, nothing go stop me or never’ line
but I hold my opinion that she had no business
being on this remix. Then Davido. Trust me, my
excitement knew some bounds when I first got
wind of the news that he was going to be
featured on the remix, and just like I expected, he
flunked it! Well, not totally though. I think the
only thing I enjoyed was his refined vocal range
or he could just have been having a really good
voice day, who knows?

The mix on Tiwa’s cut was… sigh! She started to
sound like she was muffling out her verse. Asides
the fact that they both didn’t fit perfectly on the
remix, they’ve barely done anything to change
how we perceived Daniel’s star. If they loved the
song that much, then they should have it playing
on their car stereos and resort to doing their
cover versions while taking a shower. Those will

I think Daniel’s management got unusually
carried away with the unexpected glory that was
Woju and then their lack of a savage plan led
them to slumbering a little too long on 2014.
Thank God this is now 2015 and their remix is
finally out. ‘Tleast we can now move on quickly
from it unless they’ve planned on a video release
(I’m sure they have), which pricks conscience
over a painful waste of beautiful resource.

See, I know y’all will claim to love the remix three
much and shower undue accolades on Tiwa and
Davido especially for impressing with their takes
on the remix but the ugly truth is that this remix
will not be bigger than the original and won’t
even be as big as the original. I mean, why won’t
anybody learn from the Patoranking Girlie O’
treatment that oddly had the same Tiwa Savage
on it. You say I’m hating? Whatever please!

Unless this is the misfit y’all were watching out
for this 2015 from him, then jamming your hands
in a fallacious applause would do undeserving
justice. This subtle damage already done would
clearly surface when y’all his same fans nail him
to the cross for falling your hand with his next
release just because he failed to meet the
outrageously high expectations set for him.
Woju Remix is perhaps the result of forcing
something that you already know wasn’t meant
to be. Just like oil and vinegar, they can go
together but they just don’t mix!" he said, what do you really think of the remix and all this he said?

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