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Do you Receive Scam Alerts Like This Often in your Emails?

An anonymous Streamf Reader sent this to me, asking if i could share to enlighten others who have met their selves in such crossed roads. And also to serve as warning to those, it would soon befall. 

He expressed his bitterness on how he has been receiving fraudulent and defrauding messages in his emails. 
 He said:  
  "i have deleted countless messages of such in my account, but it still kept coming in, i don't know if its something i did wrong in my setting or something else. i have tried replying many of these messages, but all the moves they play seems fraudulent. In fact at some point, they that said, they are going to transfer money into my account, are now the ones asking me to send money. i am so tired of these messages and the way they fill up my email. Most times i even end up deleting my important messages with it,". 
Here's one of the message he sent below...

Dearest One,

I am Mr.Nano Padua, the Head Manager of file Department with Bank of Africa. I seek your personal assistance and your capability to received this Fund in Your Country, the sum of $8.5 Million USD into your bank account. As soon as i received your return message. I will provide you the Next Step on how you will receive these Funds.

Please in case you received my message on your spam is due to my present internet slow connection.

Make Sure You Write To My private email (

I await your prompt response.

Best regards, Mr.Nano Padua.

"i have deleted countless messages of such and so tired and frustrated with the situation, so i said i should share to know how many of us do experience such often, I'm i the only one?".

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