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Is it an Abomination for Women to put on Under-wear/ pants?

A woman's clothing, they say: says MUCH about her moral character. One of the most controversial subjects in America's churches today is pants on women, but there is NO controversy if you believe the religious book or not. The Islamic Jurist explained clearly on the grounds for a lady to do so, likewise the bible of 1st Timothy 2:9 clearly instructs women to dress MODESTLY, i.e., of good behavior. 

According to an anonymous, "It is a sin for women to dress immodestly. It was the ungodly women's liberation movement of whores, kooks and feminists who through worldly magazines and sensual women's clothing catalogs changed how women dress today. The average woman these days has no more class or femininity than a hermit crab".
A banner defending immodesty
Anonymous said: "Please ladies, don't wear pants in public, because some young girl is watching you, because other women are influenced by you, because many men are struggling with sexual temptation, and mostly because God has commanded you not to wear that which pertaineth to a man (Deuteronomy 22:5)". 
Now with all this that have already being ingested, i bet some of us are already confused of the difference, just like the anonymous from The Stream Reader that sent this piece in to be recycled.
He said a friend of his, got this all wrong and started telling his girlfriend to stop putting on pants which they both confused for (Undies) under-wear. He said his colleague even went as far as telling his girlfriend that undies makes ladies private parts to smell and therefore generates all sorts of infections, that's why God prohibits it. Saying; it best to leave it open to get well aerated. Even referring to an Early post this year of Baby Blanche
On an interview she talked about: Why I don’t wear pants?

Due to the kind of clothes she likes to wear and is comfortable in, Baby Blanche has revealed in an interview with Showbiz that she hardly wears panties when she’s going out.
Baby Blanche said:
“I love all kinds of lingerie that make a woman feminine because I’m a woman, but I hardly wear panties. This is not because I don’t want to wear them but because the clothes I love to wear wouldn’t permit me to,” 
 she told Showbiz.
“I try as much as possible to act as a lady and not to let my panty lines show just because I like to wear dresses that hug my figure. So if I wear clothes and the outline of my panty is glaring like that I don’t like it,” she explained. “Being a lady is not only about wearing make-up and Brazilian hair but also comprises the propriety of whatever you’re wearing,” says Baby Blanche. She adds that she does not worry much about thoughts that she may be sexually assaulted by unscrupulous men because she makes sure she doesn’t go to awkward places at awkward hours.
       So the question now comes again!!!, which is the abomination for females and why?
The pants or

The under-wears

if i may also ask dare, is any really an abomination? the question is for you  dear... Lol


  1. hahaha, i hail for that guy tricks, lol

  2. the both is not abomnable o, with all the tight tight pants and undies, guys still de rape, you come say make de no wear again, haha, yawa go gas,

  3. ibroooooooooo, you don bad finish... i like it.....

  4. We now have female pants too, so i think all those religious what ever have been overrriding with the new age tech, so none of the above is abominable.

  5. Na your own be that o, the books said it all, the both are forbiden, its better to be open and aerated.... hahaha

  6. Omo, see raping, bulus i like it aerated