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Financial Stability Through Blogging...

A blog is a functional website presence to market and sell your services. A blog is an online platform for people to share their personal experiences and hobbies. A blog can easily be converted to a website. The importance of a blog cannot be overemphasized.
So many people are hung up on the fact that you can only earn money on a blog through Google Adsense alone, while it is true that you can earn with Google Adsense it's not entirely true.  You can use a blog to promote your already existing goods/services, thereby making money from the sale of goods/services or you can blog about what you love (gossip,  fashion,photography) and make money directly from adverts.

We all want to make money? Yes,  cause money makes the world go round.
Let me tell you two true life stories.

A fashion designer opened her own blog and used it to promote the delicate and beautiful pieces she sew, her blog amassed a large audience and they started patronising her.  A fabric selling company later contacted her that they wanted to use her blog to advertise their fabrics. Talk about double money!

Another story is of a tech engineer who deals with phones and computers. He used his blog to dish out ideas and solutions on what people can do when their devices start acting up.   More People began patronising him!  Because he used his blog wisely.

You might not have goods/services you want to promote, you might just have a passion or a part of you that you want the world to see and use it to make money. People are making it big i. e becoming millionaires by blogging and you can make it too If you apply the right method.

People are looking for a way to generate extra cash. Whether you are a full-time worker, part-time worker or a student looking for extra income, a blog is the perfect solution.
It is also a common knowledge that blogging has made a lot of notable people millionaires in Nigeria.
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