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Is Buhari still your presidential candidate for 2019?: Think Again!

How is the integrity of Muhammadu Buhari as a person and as a leader ingrained in the minds of Nigerian voters in the 2015 elections? He has no oil well, no oil block, no mansion, no estates, no private jet, no presidential library, no private university, no foreign account and no foreign residence.

It’s time again to recalibrate our thoughts, for the long waited day of reckoning is at hand, another presidential campaign dance. Have you got your voters card with you yet, if not, I’m sorry but the truth must be told, you are just wasting your time here, because you are not counted among the decision makers that create meaningful change.
Now let’s create a new image that brings out Buhari’s personal and deep understanding as a leader, sacrifices he has made compared with Nigerian’s high aspirations.

BUHARI's REELECTION: There are 73, 944,312 registered voters as at January 2018. North West - 18,505,989, South East - 8, 293, 093, North Central -10,586,965, North East - 9,929,015, South West - 14, 626, 800 and South South - 11,101,093.

The APC stronghold of South West and the North have the highest number of votes, the South East, South South, where anti-Buhari sentiments prevail, are no match. The PDP has spent at least two years trying to get organized with little success. It has now been confounded by the defectors. Even in their defection there is much to be gained. They have exposed themselves to grave charges of corruption and are now perceived as selfish, thieving and impervious vermin. Buhari's popularity in the North is solid. Recent example is the success of APC in by-elections across the three geopolitical zones in the region.
The North East gave Buhari 18.5% of the votes in 2015. Now they have 3 senior ministers - Women's Affairs, Education, FCT, and three junior ministers, power, foreign affairs, works and housing.

South-West with 15.7% of the votes have five senior ministers - finance, solid minerals, health, power, works and housing, and one junior minister, that of Niger Delta.

South-East with only 1.3% has four senior ministers, foreign affairs, trade and investment, science and technology and labor and employment. One junior minister - education.

South-South with 2.79%. They have three senior ministers - transport, budget, Niger Delta, and three junior ministers environment, solid minerals and labor and employment.

North-Central with 14.7% has three senior ministers - youth and sports, information and agriculture, and three junior ministers - environment, solid minerals, and labor and employment.

THE CHANGE WE ALL YAWN FOR: There is a need to address the issue of 'change.' Right from the beginning, there had not been adequate sensitization on what change was all about. A vacuum was created for unnecessary speculation. As it turned out, even the President had underestimated the depth and enormity of corruption that had taken place in the 16 years of PDP rule. The 'change' the APC talked about was simply a different way of doing things, not the monumental disaster that the president met. Now there is an urgent need to sensitize the public on the need for patience and sacrifice. Public awareness must be made to understand change requires patience, tremendous sacrifice and patriotism. The treasury looters understood this and are now telling Nigerians that Buhari has brought hardship and poverty to Nigerians. The public must be sensitized not to succumb to false hope.

FAKE NEWS/HATE SPEECH: It has always created tension and danger, but has never proffered solutions. The Nigerian media has succumbed to it. Example: US President Donald Trump told President Buhari at their last meeting that "All levels of government in Nigeria, local, district, national, must work together to stop the killing of Christians and Muslims." This is how the Nigerian media reported it:

Punch: Killing of Christians in Nigeria must stop
Tribune: Protect Nigerians against spate of killings
Vanguard: Killing of Christians unacceptable
The Guardian: Killing of Christians in Nigeria unacceptable

Corruption is not only material: It is treasonable to twist facts to create tension, hate and insecurity. Propaganda portraying Fulani and Muslims as using Buhari to conduct genocide is capable of igniting civil war. More sadly, people in high offices and high positions of trust are driving this. They want to be arrested so that all hell will break loose. It must be vigorously fought through all legal and media means.

Note: the Biafra campaign is a separate issue, which should be handled carefully. Government must not be seen to be driving this. They assassinated and decapitated our leadership. In other climes, they would not be allowed anywhere near power. It took the southern part of the US about 200 years to produce an acceptable leader, Jimmy Carter.

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