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Encouragement Words and Life's Ups and Downs

Words can have a powerful impact on your mindset. Although we’ve all heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”, the fact is that words really do have an impact on how we feel. Often times when things seem pointless, when you’ve just come face to face with yet another failure, it can seem as though it’s the end. It can seem as though no matter how hard you try, the life that you want will always be just out of reach. But what you seem to be forgetting is that challenges and difficulties are a part of life. It’s easy to tell someone to hang in there and to keep a positive outlook when they are going through tough times but when it happens to you, keeping your chin up isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Even so, it’s not impossible. There are a lot of things you can do to help you stand back up and move forward. Whether you’ve been dealt with a setback while working towards your goal, lost a loved one, or just feel down among many others.

Thing like looking for some positive encouragement words, such as what we would and will be sharing here on this page to shift your focus. Because when it really comes down to it, how you feel is really just about what you focus on and what such words do is to help put things into perspective.

Those who succeed in life and get what they want as well as those who are the most happiest aren’t people who never face difficulties. We all do know that there’s no one on the surface of this planet that doesn’t face failures, setbacks, and challenges, if anything, they probably deal with more challenges than most people. The thing that makes them different is how they respond and react to those obstacles. In fact, after you get through this challenging time, you will have more to come in the future. 

Although that sounds pessimistic but it’s the reality of life we just can’t deny no matter how hard we try.  Below are some great words to make you understand.

“If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.” – Flavia Weedn

 “When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.” – Unknown

 “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill

“You must do the think you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“Time heals all wounds.” – A common Say

“Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, don’t look back at it too long. Mistakes are life’s way of teaching you. Your capacity for occasional blunders is inseparable from your capacity to reach your goals. No one wins them all, and your failures, when they happen, are just part of your growth. Shake off your burdens and blunders. How will you know your limits without an occasional failure? Never quit. Your turn will come.” – Og Mandino

“You must make a decision that you are going to move on. It won’t happen automatically. You will have to rise up and say, ‘I don’t care how hard this is, I don’t care how disappointed I am, I’m not going to let this get the best of me. I’m moving on with my life.” – Joel Osteen

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

“Tragedies do happen. We can discover the reason, blame others, imagine how different our lives would be had they not occurred. But none of that is important: they did occur, and so be it. From there onward we must put aside the fear that they awoke in us and begin to rebuild.” – Paulo Coelho

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” – Aristotle Onassis

“Just because something isn’t happening for you right now, it doesn’t mean it never will.” – Unknown

“At any given moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.” – Christine Mason Miller

“What defines us is how well we rise after falling.” – Unknown
“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” – Christian D. Larson

“Every struggle in your life has shaped you into the person you are today. Be thankful for the hard times; they can only make you stronger.” – Unknown

I believe at this point we’ve gotten some one or two things about what am trying to hint on. My Dare Challenges are inevitable but getting back up however is a choice. Are you really going to let this defeat you? After all you’ve worked, sweated, and tears you have put into this, you are going to give up now?

What i don’t what you to forget is knowing that many have gone that path before you. Many will go after you. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep on going. You may think you know your limits but you don’t. You’re capable of far more than you realize. Root for yourself even if you’re the only one. Even if no one believes in you, you have to at least believe in yourself. No matter what, the sun will still rise from the east and set in the west, the rivers, stream and all water bodies won’t stop flowing, today will come to an end and tomorrow will arrive, leaving you one less day to live. 

So you can either sit there to waste another day feeling sorry for yourself or you can get up and do something about it. You’re more than your past failures and mistakes. You’re more than what you’ve been demonstrating up to this point in your life. Don’t let your screw ups define you. Instead, let your potential guide you toward becoming the person you want to be. Things could be worse, much worse. Consider yourself lucky that things aren’t worse than they are.
If you’re still breathing, it’s not the end and as long as it’s not yet the end, make the remaining of your life worth living. Sometimes, not achieving your current goal is exactly what needed to happen in order for you to step up your game and experience greatness. If you’re going through the pain of a break up, realize that the odds of that person being your perfect match are incredibly low. In other words, there’s a very good chance that you will find someone much better.

We tend to learn the most when things don’t go as we had hoped. If anything, past failures can make you better prepared to take advantage of greater opportunities. Things will turn out okay not because it’s a guarantee that your situation will improve but because you have the strength to deal with anything life can throw at you and the power to turn things around if you choose to do so.

The ups and downs of life, it’s all part of life’s experience package. Without these downs, the ups, I don’t think it would be worth it at all, won’t feel as good. Without the absence of the sun during a storm, you won’t appreciate the warmth of its light when it eventually reappears. You’ve got one life to live, one life to experience all that life has to offer. My Dare TGSFLOW readers embrace it while you still can. Sometimes, it helps to take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things. Perhaps then you’ll realize just how silly it would be to spend another minute worrying and stressing about things you won’t even care about or remember a year from now.

Life can be tough and even unfair at times. I don’t really have an answer as to why certain things happen but I do know that these are usually the moments in life where the potential for personal growth is the greatest. Diamonds are created under intense pressure. Muscles are built by overcoming tremendous resistance. You could either let these moments in life break you or use them to become a mentally stronger person.

How far you can go in life is yet to be seen, and no man alive can tell you how far. Don’t let other people’s limited beliefs about what’s possible diminish your potential. Losing someone dear to you can be one of the toughest things to go through but you’ll get through it when enough time has passed. Keep in mind that they wouldn’t want you to stop embracing your life because of their passing. If anything, they’d rather you take this as a sign to live life to the fullest if you haven’t been doing so already.

Through our failures and setbacks, we can become wiser and more mentally prepared to deal with future obstacles. The problem is, we usually don’t realize the value of the experience until later on since we can be too emotionally involved. If you’re struggling through something right now, chances are, it won’t be for any reason is -99% to a 100%. You’ll eventually find some sort of benefit from this experience even if it may not be obvious at the moment.

When you think about just how short a human life is compared to time itself, you’ll realize how insignificant our problems are in the whole grand scheme of things. No matter what you’re going through, it’s all temporary. Work on letting go of all the unnecessary stress you’re carrying around in order to have more time and mental energy to enjoy life. Cheers to life and The Globe Stream Flow (TGSFLOW). CHEERS!!!!!!!

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    me through two tough tests!! Thank you!

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    touched with your words .God bless you.

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    like what im reading and would like more,i find that i need positive words
    everyday so i can move on with my life about someone breaking my heart..

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    matter what you're going through remember that God is bigger than any
    situation… Give it to Him!

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    work done, keep it up

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    feel very great,like l’m on top of the world.Thanks!

  7. Where
    there is blame, there can be no forgiveness. Where there is no forgiveness,
    there can be no freedom. Where there is no freedom, there can be no truth.
    Where there is no truth, there can be no LOVE…