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Rod Stewart's Rep Warns of Look-Alike

ROD Stewart's manager has warned fans to be aware of an impostor pretending to be the ageing rocker in New York City.

STEWART'S longtime manager Arnold Stiefel has denied that pictures of 'Stewart' asleep on the subway are real and has warned fans to not be fooled by the fraudster.He tells New York Post gossip column Page Six: "The real Rod has seen the picture, and he thought it was funny, but he said, 'Please let people know it isn't me'... This has been going on for years."

According to the website, the phoney Stewart has been duping fans and businesses into thinking he is the real deal and the impostor has been showered with free meals and alcohol.

It is not known if this is the work of one man or a few lookalikes.

hahaha,  free meals and alcohoil!!!

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